1920’s Violette Coquette Eau De Parfum

Brand: LBCC Historical Apothecary

Scent Description: I’m pretty excited about this Parfum. I found the label and couldn’t resist. It originally was a perfumed soap. So I began digging to see if I could find the recipe to see how they scented it. I wasn’t successful in finding the exact scent recipe. I did find many which were close to the original- so I came up with our own mixture and turned it into an Eau de Parfum using the historical perfume recipes as a base. I think you will enjoy this very much.

We had debuted it an art show in Historical Cedarburg WI. It flew off the shelves. We had the samples and people just bypassed them for the whole bottle. That being said the scent will be a little different on everyone, but it’s a lovely powdery violet scent with other flowery notes and some have told me a top note of licorice. In my opinion it’s more powdery on me. Some have said it turns into a unique citrus smell. It will be a little different on everyone!

Eau De Parfum: A perfumed liquid containing a percentage of fragrant oils that is lower than that in perfume but greater than that in eau de toilette. What this means is that the scent is not as strong as perfume but stronger than Toilette Water.

By the 1920’s perfumes and toilette waters had more variety because of perfume fragrances. They were all the rage- especially for plants that don’t produce essential oil, like Violet. Women were able to enjoy these rare fragrances all year round and they lasted longer and were generally less expensive than the old school real flower oils.

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