1934 Kiss Me Quick Vintage Perfume

Brand: LBCC Historical Apothecary

Scent Description: A fresh bouquet of orange flower and neroli with a subtle hint of an earthy enchanted wooded grove topped off with a lovely floral pinch of Jasmine, Roses, and lemon balm.

This perfume name is a classic- We are really excited to bring you our 1934 version. The “Kiss Me Quick” perfume recipes varied throughout history and if I can find a earlier version- it may be fun to make that recipe and smell the difference. Remember these historical and vintage perfumes will vary a little bit on everyone. Enjoy!

A Little Bit of History:

The concept and recipes for historically popular perfumes called “Kiss Me Quick” varied considerably. Here are some dates in which they were issued: 1858, 1860, 1873, 1880, 1886, 1900, 1908, 1910, 1921, 1934, and 1939.

The history starts off with a poem or a song called “Kiss Me Quick and Go” which was found in sheet music dated from 1856. The song book was called, “Boosey’s Christy’s Minstrels Album Containing Their 12 Most Popular Songs.” But the phrase ” Kiss Me Quick” was used before, being the name of a small bonnet popular around the 1840’s. It sat back on the head. In addition- the name was so popular that it was given to many racehorses. The catch phrase saw it’s heyday between 1865-1875. There was even an 1860 waltz titled, ” Kiss Me Quick”

The New York Ladies’ Repository in June 1855 “Stolen kisses are said to have more nutmeg and cream than other sorts…A stolen kiss is the most agreeable,” This quote continued to circulate the British newspapers for over 2 years, so it made the idea of “stolen kisses” secret and desirable- therefore you can see the potential for perfumers to market the idea of a perfume called ” Kiss Me Quick.”

Another really interesting tie to “Kiss Me Quick” comes from an advertisement in in the Ladies Newspaper November 2nd 1861 for a “FOUNTAIN FINGER RING”. ” As a means of carrying scent about the person, the Fountain Finger Ring has recently become famous. The delight of all who have seen this little conceit is the most gratifying to its inventor. It is at once useful and ornamental. By the least pressure, the wearer of the ring can cause a jet of perfume to arise from it at any time desired- thus everyone can carry with him to a ball, concert, sick chamber, enough scent, so refreshing! For the time being, the practical application of this invention causes a good deal of merriment and laughter. A gentleman who abhors perfume, unless it be snuff, ‘Squeezing’ a lady’s hand, will receive a shower of the eternal frangipani or kiss-me-quick,……..”

“Kiss Me Quick” was a song written by Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman, recorded by Elvis Presley on June 25, 1961
Film 1920 – Kiss Me Quick

So as you can see… “Kiss Me Quick” has quite the history, and this is only a small amount of it.

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