Cologne Of The Three Graces

Brand: LBCC Historical Apothecary

Scent Description: This 1836 recipe is a winner!! With Lavender, Bergamot, Lemon, Orange Flower, and Gum of Benjamin- this is a wonderfully paired cologne. It’s not to fruity, or to flowery- It’s just perfect. In fact- It was debuted it the 2017 Jane Austen Festival and everyone loved it. We only came home with 1. This also takes some time to make and so far, it has been so popular that we run out of it before the next batch is done!! -So remember, it takes a little while to get it back up in the apothecary. When I smell it on I first catch the lemon and bergamot notes, then the lavender, orange flower and Ben.

One other interesting note: I just recently was told about a old National Geographic magazine which had an article on perfumes throughout history. The super interesting thing about this issue was that it had press and sniff ( not scratch and sniff lol). They had one of Napoleon’s colognes that you were able to smell…. and this one oddly enough smells almost exactly like the original one in the magazine. How cool is that!

This is a great example of the combination of flowers and fruit that were popular during the regency period This is a really fresh scent.

With all natural perfumes, colognes, and waters, the scent may differ after it mixes with your skin chemistry. Also the amount of time it lasts will vary too depending on the individual.
NOTE: Even though this is an awesome scented Cologne Water.. it won’t have the stay power of modern perfumes. It’s still Amazing and the scent matches the original Napoleon Cologne that was in the National Geographic. You will Love it!

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