Marianne Dashwood/Pisces

Brand: LBCC Historical Apothecary

Scent Description: Jasmine, Sandalwood, Egyptian Musk, Lilac

This is a Passionate and Dreamy Perfume with a Otherworldly Charm & Escapism.

We wanted to create perfumes for some of Jane Austen’s most beloved characters. I was thinking- how best to do this and how to figure out what herbs the actual character would have preferred and what herbs would compliment their personality traits. I also wanted these to be made in the historical manner – if possible- meaning flowers and herbs and resins that would have or could have been used at that that time. As I was thinking about this I came up with the idea of looking to see if anyone had put time and effort into studding at these characters personality traits and assigning them a likely zodiac sign – meaning the date and month they would most likely have been born. Turns out the analisys has already been done… Some may not be so hip on zodiac signs and that is fine. Historically in various cultures they were really important from everything from marriage matches to treating your illness. They were especially used in the folk traditions. Something you many not know- many plants, herbs, and resins have been assigned a zodiac sign based on their healing ability or the time of year in which they grew or even based on their symbolism.

So we were able to put together these amazing perfumes that capture the essence of each characters personality.

With that Information I bring you: MARIANNE /Pisces

Here are some general Pisces Traits:
*Idealistic *Imaginative *Creative *Accepting *Nurturing
*Caring *Compassionate *Introverted *Very loving *Very loyal
*Romantic *Spiritual *Feelings run deep *Sympathetic *Sensitive
*Intuitive *Flexible *Adaptable *Curious (bad side = nosy!) *Non confrontational
*Easily depressed *Hard time saying no *Lack self discipline *Lack self confidence
*Pessimistic *Emotional *Moody *Easily hurt *Oversensitive *Can be self destructive
*Can be self pitying *Unpredictable *Indecisive *Flighty *Restless

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