Brand: Lilac and Moss

Scent Description: Like being snuggled up with a cup of coffee in a cabin surrounded by woods and flowers; the warmth of clove, coffee, and vanilla are underscored by the earthiness of green violet leaf and oakmoss.

2 thoughts on “Haven”

  1. from my past IMAM review; Out of the vial this is sharp, clove-like, tree bark to me. On me it turns fairly ‘transparent’, with a medicinal edge to it. I get quite a bit of bitterness, with some effervescence to it. I know! This reminds me of aftershave…a young man, still baby-faced, being introduced to his first true, ‘old skool’, barbershop experience by an older paternal figure; possibly being brought to a barbershop existing well beyond his, or his paternal figure’s, time.

  2. Completely different in the vial than on the skin. In the vial, it sort of smells earthy, like old coffee grounds you left out as fertiliser. Fortunately, this impression goes away once on the skin. The brighter green notes make themselves known, and the earthiness takes a back seat to make way for a softly green forest feel. I don’t get an obvious overriding floral or a sharp greenness, just a hopeful green brightness which is softened by some unknown blooms (I see here that it is violet). Underneath is a surprisingly warm and delicate earthy base – mostly oakmoss, but definitely tempered by the clove and vanilla. I was pleasantly surprised with Haven. It isn’t hyper-realistic forest by any means, but it’s a pleasant, refreshing change of tone from mainstream perfumes with its own je ne sais quoi. I like it!

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