Lavender Menace

Brand: Lilac and Moss

Scent Description: Two different lavenders are given a little darkness and spice with ginger and patchouli, grounded by oakmoss. They balance each other so that you get a hot and feisty lavender.

1 thought on “Lavender Menace”

  1. from my past IMAM review; I’ve learned I love lavender, and out the gate this is a dark and dirty lavender, it’s so different from what I’ve come to expect from lavender; it’s a handsome lavender. And then I put it on. My thought went as such….Whoa that’s some lavender. Dirty lavender. Wait. What the wha…AW MAN! This is horrible…this…this must be what classic men’s fougere smells like…I don’t think I like this. No. Can’t wear it. But I can’t stop smelling myself. Why do I like this, but hate it? I should wash my arm. I can’t wear this, I can’t. It’s just…oh my god….I know this smell. I know this….(at this point I realize where I’ve smelled this before and I’m almost to the point of tears).

    See….this perfume smells like my grandfather in his celebratory best. When I smell this perfume, I can see him in his freshly pressed khaki slacks and ivory guayabera, his polished full brogue brown oxfords and his iconic fedora. He wore this to weddings, graduations, special dinners, whatever special occasion, you can bet this is what he wore….and while I don’t know exactly what cologne or aftershave he used, Lavender Menace might as well be it. I considered destashing this, because I’m never going to wear it, but the larger part of myself decided that I needed to keep this.

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