Tasseomancy (Divination by tea leaves)

Brand: Little and Grim

Scent Description: A swirling blend of black and herbal teas, topped with a slice of lemon. Notes of black tea, chamomile, Egyptian musk, bergamot, and orange.

1 thought on “Tasseomancy (Divination by tea leaves)”

  1. If you’re considering getting some smellygoods for someone in your life who prefers scents that read masculine, this would be a good one. It smells like a good, expensive cologne. But also not irritating or in-your-face the way some mainstream colognes can be.

    At first I mostly smell something very close to cool Ceylon black tea with a slice of some kind of fresh-cut citrus in it– and then a touch of the bergamot. There’s almost a woody note somewhere here, which might just be the way the Egyptian musk reads. And that frigging amazing, gorgeous chamomile note– here, it isn’t the star like it is in Poor Farm, and it’s probably the least noticeable note, but definitely still there.

    After it dries down, it’s one of those scents that you can’t smell much when you put your nose right to the skin you applied it on. Instead, it sort of wafts and is a “fuller” scent when it’s away from your face.

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