50’s Soda Fountain

Brand: Lou Lou’s Soaps, Scrubs, & Scents

Scent Description: is a Mad Scientist blend of Vanilla Passion perfume( French vanilla, bourbon vanilla, vanilla cream, whipped cream, spun vanilla cotton candy, vanilla sugar, and vanilla beans), Rootbeer, Bubblegum, and Black Leather

3 thoughts on “50’s Soda Fountain”

  1. Root beer and leather, which to my nose smells like Elastoplast. Not wonderful, but I may revisit as it’s weird enough to see how it ages.

  2. Strong and realistic root beer and vanilla with leather. Smells like a root beer float with some depth.

  3. Vanilla and root beer with leather to ground it. This is a nice vanilla that doesn’t stray too sweet. It smells a tiny bit like maple syrup.

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