Daytime Tuxedo

Brand: Luminous Star Perfumes

Scent Description: He’s a high school student at the top of his game and looking for something somewhere. All he knows is he can’t stop thinking of that sweet blonde haired klutz? What’s a guy to do? Enchant her with notes of a bouquet of roses, creamy sandalwood, and black pepper. He’ll knock her off her feet- literally!

Released: Pretty Girls

4 thoughts on “Daytime Tuxedo”

  1. Very fresh dewy rose! I really wish I understood how Luminous Star manages to make all their florals so “wet”. The sandalwood is very dry and makes a delicious “my skin but better” kind of base for the rose to stick on. The black pepper keeps the whole thing sharp and a little spicy. It’s an interesting unisex scent! Probably one of the best of Luminous Star’s offerings.

  2. Wet – I’m surprised I like this a lot. The rose is green like it’s just been cut and the pepper is hanging out in the background just making it slightly more complex. The sandalwood is not the star but I think it’s helping the scent from going to peppery or powdery/green
    Drydown -the rose is less prominent but it’s pretty much the same as wet. I think it may have more throw dry?

    I’m not a huge fan of this overall but I don’t hate it like I thought I would.

  3. I’m not really a rose fan but I like this. The rose is fresh and green, more like rose stem than rose. I love and amp black pepper, and the combo is great. I don’t get much sandalwood, but it may be the slight sweetness in the background. There was something here that reminded me a bit of honeysuckle (perhaps a combo of the sandalwood & rose?).

  4. You’ll enjoy this perfume if you’re a lover clean florals. The roses and sandalwood were the strongest notes, but when I walked I could definitely smell the black pepper.

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