Emerald Patissiere

Brand: Luminous Star Perfumes

Scent Description: A girl with a tough reputation and an affinity for baking. She’ll defy every expectation and be a true friend… Oh, that guy looks just like her senpai…? Smell as sweet as can be with notes of delicious rose tea, sugar cookies, and tuberose.

Released: Pretty Girls

3 thoughts on “Emerald Patissiere”

  1. Oof, strong tuberose opening! The tuberose is watery and tea-like, which is signature for Luminous Star, and if you like tuberose you’ll be pleased with how much it stands out. It steadily sweetens with time until its a bit too much for me. I don’t really get any distinct “cookie” but it is very sugary. Sugary rose tea and tuberose.

  2. This one is so pretty! In the vial I get mostly rose – a delicate and FRESH rose, I’m not a rose lover but this I do like. Once applied the sugar cookies come out, they’re in the background, but they’re there and they’re delicious.

  3. Love this scent! The rose tea starts off strong, but is soon mellowed out by the sugar cookies leaving a scent that’s not too foody or floral. I don’t get any of the tuberose until the perfume starts to fade.

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