Golden Crystal

Brand: Luminous Star Perfumes

Scent Description: A perfect match for the Silver Crystal to watch over the heavens. A warm blend of multiple ambers, a dash of sandalwood, honey, vanilla bean, and Egyptian musk will wrap around you like a comfy dream!

Released: Pretty Crystals

2 thoughts on “Golden Crystal”

  1. I love a good Egyptian musk and this is definitely one of those. The vanilla bean is very toasted a la Bath and Body Works VBN. It’s almost marshmallow-y. The sandalwood and musk combination is dry and golden, making a really nice counterpoint to it. This one is a winner!

  2. This smells like my grandmother, but it’s not an “old lady smell”. It’s heavily Egyptian musk, amber, and some sandalwood – not sweet but definitely warm and nuanced. The honey is subtle and comes out a little more when the scent overall starts to fade (8 hours or so, I’m guessing). Somehow, it does feel like it wraps around you. It’s cozy yet sophisticated, and I’m surprised that I really like it.

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