Lapis Nephriticus

Brand: Luminous Star Perfumes

Scent Description: An extremely tough emerald green stone. Mountain air, clover, eucalyptus and gold musk.

Released: Dark Jewels

1 thought on “Lapis Nephriticus”

  1. I’ve just applied this for the first time, straight from the hot mailbox. Freshly applied, this borders on soapy. Within 5 or 10 minutes it settles into a cool, blanketing sort of feel. There’s a definite cozy element to this. The eucalyptus isn’t obnoxiously strong, or even the foremost note. I would say either the mountain air or the clover (almost honey-like) is in the forefront. The gold musk adds a skin scent and a little warmth. This will be really pleasant as a summer scent.

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