Brand: Luminous Star Perfumes

Scent Description: She’ll burn you up and spit you out – in high heels. Worship at the feet of the soldier of war. Creamy sandalwood, orris, smoky tobacco, cherrywood, and soft musk will make you feel invincible.

Released: Pretty Soldiers

2 thoughts on “War”

  1. I love War, it’s sweet and kind of powdery but for some reason I find it almost foody as well. Perhaps that is the tobacco and the beeswax coming out? Anyway I think it’s gorgeous. It’s warm, cosy and makes me think of toasted brown sugar. I have a full size on the way because I used up my sample so quick.

  2. I put this on last night with a few others, but I kept catching a whiff and thinking that it smelled really great. I couldn’t resist wearing it today. It’s sweet smelling, with a slight mustiness (maybe from the orris?). I can smell the cherry wood and the tobacco is rather sweet and strong, at least at first. As it dries down the wood is a bit stronger, and I’m getting a sort of tea-like smell. Definitely considering a full size.

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