Chocolate Mystique

Brand: Midnight Gypsy Alchemy

Scent Description:

“A strong drink of dark morning brew to awaken the mind and stir the gypsy soul.”

Divine chocolate alchemy at its finest. Made with the natural chocolate scent of pure cocoa absolute,cocoa butter,essential oils in cardamom,sandalwood and vanilla, infused with cardamom seed and a touch of hand ground coffee . A scent so indulgent and rich one cannot help but to submit to the enticing aroma.

2 thoughts on “Chocolate Mystique”

  1. I honestly just use this as a hair and bath oil because it’s not strong enough for me personally. I do smell all the notes that are listed, but it’s just so light that it’s not even like perfume to me. I put it on, and the smell is gone in minutes. It’s cool if you want to know what an actual, natural perfume smells like, but if you need strong sillage and longevity, botanical perfumes aren’t for you.

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