Earth and Wild Roots

Brand: Midnight Gypsy Alchemy

Scent Description:

” From these wild roots I shall grow. With feet firmly planted I shall twist my way through life’s darkness until I reach the light of the heavenly sky.”

A dark foliage and fig scent touched by earthen mushrooms, spirited herbal mint and light musk like powders. A blend created with mushroom,tonka bean,vanilla,oakmoss absolutes,orris root and agar wood co2’s,fig fruit extract, myrrh resin ,essential oils of peppermint,ambrette seed,cedarwood,amyris, infused in ground organic figs, mushrooms,tonka beans, vanilla beans, mint leaves and cedar wood.

1 thought on “Earth and Wild Roots”

  1. I smell moss and mushrooms. There’s something spicy in here too, something I can’t put my finger on. It’s like…sexy moss? It smells sweet after awhile but never shakes the forest floor scent.

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