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  1. This review is for a new scent called 🔴Cafe Mystique🔴

    Notes: pumpkin pecan custard, Sumatra roast coffee, creamy cocoa, caramel, butter, vanilla, dash of whiskey, brown sugar, topped off with zest of lemon with sea salt blended with Frankincense, myrrh, amber, sandalwood and labdamun.

    This was incredible immediately upon application but before I could even enjoy it something went haywire with my skin chemistry. Damn the same thing that happened tome in Cotton Candy Cupcakes (my review for that is under Chateau de Chambord) is happening here. The one note they both contain is butter. Is this what butter does on my skin? Something is going plasticky and of course that’s the note I’m amping! This absolutely kills me. This would be such a banger if only it worked with my skin chemistry. I’d love to see some reviews from people that this works for because Cafe Mystique smells awesome. Sadly just not on myself. I can’t be bothered with scent lockets. I buy my perfume oils fully expecting to be able to slather myself at will. Lol, this is good enough to have me considering a scent locket. Still there’s just something about a perfume oil meshing with your skin chemistry that can’t be beat.

  2. This review is for 🟣Peach Mimosa and Amberwood🟣 perfume oil.

    From the Mooscents scent list…”Sweet and fruity peaches float on a bouquet of Amber, and various woods with nuances of moss, florals and a touch of vanilla musk.”

    This one comes across as a generic plug in air freshener type of scent on my skin. I really can’t pick out a single note in this from the sites description. This was a free sample included in my last order. I finally came across the scent description and it shocked me. It smells nothing like it’s description. This was a sample vial included in an order. I really wonder if it was mislabeled? As for the amber in this, it doesn’t come across as powdery. Actually it doesn’t make itself known to me at all. If anything I think it adds to the longevity in this, if it’s in there. Why is it that the scents I dislike stick around the longest? I put up with 2 hours of this before I developed a headache and had to scrub the oil off my skin. I’ll probably use the rest on some cotton balls that I’ll drop in the bottom of the garbage can in the bathroom or in my vehicle. Since it’s giving me big time air freshener vibes, that’s how I’ll use it but never again on my person. Somewhat fruity yet somewhat floral air freshener or Plug-in type scent is about as good of a description that I can come up with. This one isn’t doing it for me.

    This review is for 🟢Chocolate Panettone 🟢

    This was another sample included in an order and I haven’t been able to find any notes. Going by the name, I was expecting chocolate and bread!

    Right away I’m getting chocolate on my skin. It’s a milk chocolate type of smell, nothing dark. There’s something nutty and reminiscent of hazelnut maybe? A buttery, almost toasted note is lurking in the background. I’m not getting any kind of starchy notes like bread or cake from this, only sweetness. All of a sudden, boom…the entire thing veers into Tootsie Roll territory and I know that it’s a fail with my skin chemistry. Milk chocolate notes almost always do this to me. I have better luck with the dark chocolate type of notes in perfume oils.

    ***Moonalisa/Mooscents never responded to emails pertaining to issues with my order. Do with that what you will. Previous to this, I had a bad experience with another indie shop going dark on me. Now communication is essential to me. Very disappointed with the non existent customer service.

    1. 🟢🟢🟢Chocolate Panettone notes are as follows…A fragrant sweet dough with earthy dried figs and Devine dark and creamy chocolate.

      After aging this vial for a bit I tried CP again and I’m still getting creamy milk not dark chocolate. I wonder if there’s any coconut in this because something is going plasticky on me the way coconut notes do. I think if the fig note in this was stronger then it would work better on me. I need something strong in here to beat back the plastic tinge of the suspected coconut and the Tootsie Roll smell of the chocolate. I would never had suspected there were dried figs in here to be honest. This smelled incredible on my clothing. Chocolate notes are iffy with my chemistry so it is what it is. I wanna get my hands on Snuggler as it’s supposed to have a nice dark chocolate note. I got on her perfume site maybe 25 minutes after sales went live and Snuggler along with some other scents I wanted to reorder were already sold out! Hopefully she’ll do a restock.

      😀 Also a very belated update on the non existent customer service…Moona did get back to me albeit months later. Long story short, there was a glitch with the emails. Later on a separate order, I found a mistake. Moona got right back to me in a few hours with both a response and a partial refund as it was their mistake. And she did this without me even asking her. I have to say my experience with customer service did a complete 180 and I’ll definitely be a repeat purchaser because of my positive experiences going forward.

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