1 thought on “Cranberry Marshmallow Fluff”

  1. Is this supposed to have a cinnamon type of spice component? I feel like spice got into this one by mistake. It’s a cranberry type of scent for a few seconds before I’m blasted by a spice that smells like cinnamon. On me this smells like a spiced cranberry chutney and there’s no marshmallow in site. It’s not bad but it’s not what I was expecting. If I’d known this contained spice then I wouldn’t have picked it. It wasn’t in the scent description. Maybe this is mislabeled or something else made it’s way in the bottle? This is gone from my skin at the 3 hour mark.
    ▪️On a side note on this brands customer service is non existent. They never responded to a question on my order. I sent five separate inquiries over the span of about three weeks with no response. I wanted to make sure my order didn’t contain a note I’m allergic to. Now I’m looking at my order with my fingers crossed hoping that I’m not allergic to anything. It goes without saying that I was disappointed in their customer service. No communication is a dealbreaker for me. Buyer beware.

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