Forest Fig

Brand: Moonalisa

Scent Description: Earthy, figgy goodness blending with the moisture of a dank twiggy forest, highlighted with harvest fruit, caramel and subtle spice and a hint of fresh roasted coffee grounds.

1 thought on “Forest Fig”

  1. I’m amazed I’m the first person on here that’s reviewed this scent honestly! I was searching for a good fig scent and happened to come across this one at the right time and let me tell you: this fig scent is heavenly. This scent is earthy and slightly sweet without being gourmand (which I love, but some people don’t like the super sweet scents). This scent is a well blended mix that neither screams ‘dirt’ nor ‘this is a fake fruit’, and the coffee note is not present at all to me which means it’s probably some of the element keeping the sweetness of the fig grounded. I also don’t smell caramel, but it probably contributes to why the fig does have that nice sweet tinge. 10/10 would eat fig caramel while hanging out in a forest. This scent is wonderful if you like figs.

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