Nonna’s Christmas Cookies

Brand: Moonalisa

Scent Description: A tribute to KC’s (Mooman) Sicilian Great-Grandmother! This scent was in last year’s Santa Bags, it was made just like KC’s Nonna would make her special cookies ever year! A little of this, and a little of that!

1 thought on “Nonna’s Christmas Cookies”

  1. I grabbed this one based on the description. I’m part Sicilian and the holiday season reminds me of my own beloved Sicilian Grandmother baking and cooking up a storm in her house. I was wondering if this was going to smell like a cuccidati (a stuffed Italian fig cookie that’s sort of like a little fruitcake) but it doesn’t. On my skin this somewhere between a sugar cookie and a oatmeal cookie. It has a cake aspect to it as well as a buttery vanilla note in the mix. I can’t pick up on any kind of spice in NCC. It’s a very sweet scent on it’s own and it layers wonderfully with smoky and resinous scents. Sadly it’s completely gone at the 3 hour mark on my skin.

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