We Are the Weirdos, Mister

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description:  Dragon’s blood resin, cleansing white sage, snuffed-out candles, spell books, metal and ash, dusty tarot cards

Released: Halloween 2018

6 thoughts on “We Are the Weirdos, Mister”

  1. This is mostly a dragonsblood perfume for me. I get whiffs of the burning sage and candles every once in a while during the drydown. Underneath, there’s something dusty yet creamy that baffled me until I realized – it’s paper!! I get the ash and metal once I look for them. Overall, this feels like an indie bookstore where there’s some incense burning and everybody there is drinking coffee and wearing scarves and stompy boots. The dragonsblood is a little headshoppy but it adds to the atmosphere. It has the same feel as BPAL Baba Yaga to me. High throw and longevity, which is unusual for Sixteen92 perfumes on my skin.

  2. As stated by a few above this is an incense/herbal scent. To me it’s a scent you may wear on halloween, or at the very least at night.

  3. This is hard for me to describe as I am new to a lot of these scents

    Very herbal-ly, has a sort or scent that best I can describe as smokey rootbeer? The smoke maybe from the candles. I would see a hippie wearing this

  4. The sage is definitely the strongest note, it overpowers everything else on my skin. It smells exactly like an occult store to me, mostly sage and a faint incense in the background.

  5. Mmm, straight up incensey witchy goodness. Reminds me a lot of Liber Officiorum Spirituum and Never Trust the Living, it has that same almost caramelized resin and dusty book and ashy candlewax smell that’s so good. As it sits for a while the metal aspect sharpens things up a bit. This one is a bit sweeter than the two mentioned above at first…perhaps it needs to sit a while for the notes to meld a little more, because right now it’s hard for me to differentiate it from those two. After it sits a while, the sweetness tones down and the sage and dragon’s blood are more present making this a more ceremony-heavy scent.

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