Carnation Santalum Gold

Brand: Nocturne Alchemy

Scent Description: White Carnation of Cairo, Gold Santalum of India, a drop of Egyptian Temple Oudh, French Vanilla Beans whole, Vanilla-Sugar, White Sugar and Pink Cotton Candy.

Released: Bastet’s Garden

3 thoughts on “Carnation Santalum Gold”

  1. If the carnation in (Possets) Silver Carnations ran away and had a torrid affair with (Solstice Scents) Winter Dove then this would be their lovechild. I’m not the biggest floral fan but I love the smell of carnations. There’s a woodiness to this (maybe the oudh?) that compliments the spicy carnation beautifully. And there’s the tiniest of something creamy, which I’m thinking must be the vanilla. All of the notes mesh together so well. This perfume oil easily falls into my top three favorite carnation scents of all time. Very well done! This is still going strong on my skin after 7 hours.

  2. I love this scent but mainly because if there was a mourning scent commemorating my dead mother this would be it. Her favourite flower was the carnation and this smells not just of the nice fresh blooms but also of the spent blooms rotting beneath the bush. It’s the entire carnation bush, perfume, rot and all.

  3. This one was my first carnation perfume and sparked my love for them! The white and creamy vanillas and sugar are definitely there, and although they do back off on the dry down, they are always apparent and compliment the sweet, woody Santalum. The carnation has that spicy-dusty-green-floral thing going on, and it’s so different from your stereotypical flower. After aging, the smokey oud makes a dramatic appearance and blends spectacularly with the sweetened carnation. Spicy, smokey, sweet, all perfectly balanced. This is my favorite NA Floral, period!

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