Luxor Jasmine White Star

Brand: Nocturne Alchemy

Scent Description: Luxor Jasmine, White Star (White Chocolate Cocoa with hints of White Raspberry, Egyptian Musk, aged Kobalt Vanilla, French Vanilla and rich Mallow Root Absolute) followed with a hint of Vanilla Musk and Amber Musk.

Released: Bastet’s Garden

2 thoughts on “Luxor Jasmine White Star”

  1. Unfortunately, I just could not stand this one. I tried it a million times to try and force myself to, but I could not. It is tooth-achingly sweet, and the jasmine goes very plasticky on me. I’ve come to terms with the fact that NA’s jasmine just refuses to play nicely with me. The raspberry is somewhat artificial too. It smells like super sweet vanilla/white chocolate cake + bathroom air freshener.

  2. Sweet sweet jasmine on white chocolate wafers with a hint of raspberry right off the bat. Quickly fades down to a rich white chocolate and mallow scent with some sugary jasmine, eventually turning to a rich vanilla-amber musk that lasts for hours.

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