Violet Santalum Sweet

Brand: Nocturne Alchemy

Scent Description: Egyptian and French Violet, Egyptian Jasmine and Lilac, Sandalwood Sugar from a natural occurring Sandalwood Cask and Santalum Sweet

Released: Bastet’s Garden

2 thoughts on “Violet Santalum Sweet”

  1. Fortunately, Violet Santalum Sweet isn’t soapy on me at all! Surprising because florals tend to go to soap while violets often go super powdery on me, NAVA’s violet note however does not. The lilac stops the violet from going into conservative grandma territory and lends a bit of green floral freshness while the santalum is a mixture of that classic creamy sandalwood together with an almost liquor like sweetness. It’s a fairly straightforward floral sandalwood blend but it really evokes that beautiful enigma of violets in spring: green, fresh, sweet and powdery all at once so if you like violets or lilac it’s definitely worth a sniff!

  2. Did you ever buy bubble mix as a kid? Because this smells exactly like it. Pleasant, clean, but distinctly soapy.

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