Purple Nile

Brand: Nocturne Alchemy

Scent Description: Black Currant, Blue Nile, Red Egyptian Musk (the soft kind), a touch of Fig and Raspberry followed by a breath of violet.

Released: Egypt & her Wonders

1 thought on “Purple Nile”

  1. Lovely! A fruity-floral that is not shampoo-y or sweet enough to give you a carie. This is smooth and cool, I almost want to drink it. The floral notes are subdued and dewy, while the fruits are plump but not ripe-smelling. The aquatic facets and lotus from Blue Nile are apparent, but they don’t smell like a cheepie spa fragrance oil- they are lush and calming. I don’t pick up musk. This scent is fruitier than The Nile and it is one of the better fruity-floral-aquatic scents I’ve tried.

    I think you do need to enjoy wearing that kind of scent to have this in your collection- I destashed because it’s not what I wear- but even then it is quite pleasant and a good example of a fruity-floral-aquatic done well.

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