The Nile

Brand: Nocturne Alchemy

Scent Description: Amber Musk, Rare Egyptian Pink Lotus, Tibetan Musk, Nile Soil accord and a drop of NA Anniversary Kyphi. Lotus flower, soft Egyptian spices to reflect it’s sediment, blue nile essence and sweet cucumber and melon essence.

Released: Egypt & her Wonders

2 thoughts on “The Nile”

  1. i don’t really get any florals from this at all. on me, it’s straight-up cucumber with a small hint of melon – but mostly cucumber. definitely “refreshing,” could be especially good on hot summer days.

  2. Very fruity-aquatic upon first application. I was not a huge fan, though it is refreshing in the heat. Then again I don’t really like wearing aquatics, period. Of course, NA proves me wrong. The Nile quickly mellows into a sweet lotus/cool cucumber combo, and after a while, the lotus blooms further and there is an almost sandy, river-water smell… not exactly aquatic, but very river-like. Really nice, considering how overdone, and usually generic, the “aquatics” genre has become in perfumery. Stays cool, sweet, and floral throughout the day but gains quite a bit of depth as it wears. I really like it! It is certainly worth a try if you like florals but generally avoid aquatic or clean scents.

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