Ghost of the Moors

Brand: Nocturne Alchemy

Scent Description: Rare Oud resin of wood, Saffron, Blue Heather and whispers from the Moors.

Released: Etherias

1 thought on “Ghost of the Moors”

  1. Intense oud (not the oud in ICONS though) and saffron. I don’t know what heather or whispers smell like, but that does not matter because the oud and saffron are so aggressive they are the only things I can smell. The oud here smells like typical synthetic Arabian CPO style oud, as does the saffron. It is sharp, woody, and a tad spicy. Actually, this entire scent smells like a simplified compilation of lower-end Arabian perfume, minus the rose and musk so common in those. That is not bad- it smells quite exotic and pungent- but I do not really like it much. It is unisex but leans a bit masculine, which again is common with the standard Arabian CPO. The oil itself is also incredibly potent, so wear with caution!

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