Silver Dust

Brand: Nocturne Alchemy

Scent Description: Black Tea Leaf, Bergamot Essential Oil, Leather Accord, Sequoia Wood Essential Oil, Black Vetiver and a cube of sugar.

Released: Lycan

1 thought on “Silver Dust”

  1. It opens with bright bergamot and wood, and what my brain wants to interpret as smoke but must be the interplay of leather and wood. A good bit of sweetness, an herbal element from the vetiver, and I could swear there was some amber in this. Then it shifts to the tea note. The leather sticks around faintly for the longest. It feels very natural, as though I’m not wearing perfume and it’s just part of my natural smell. I imagine being out in the woods and coming inside for a cup of earl grey. Super low throw and longevity, unfortunately. I enjoy wearing this but probably wouldn’t buy it again.

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