High Priest Amber

Brand: Nocturne Alchemy

Scent Description: The High Priest is said to only have used the most expensive and most exotic of ingredients when blending perfume oils for his Pharaoh and Queen. In this High Priest Amber we have divulged in this same notion that only the most exquisite components be a part of this blend. Adding the Amber component blended for this collection to the beauty of Black Patchouli distilled in an iron vessel to produce the darkest patchouli earth scent, Amber, White Vetiver and Gold Cardamom. An offering only for Pharaoh and Queen, BA and KA.

Released: Royal Amber

1 thought on “High Priest Amber”

  1. The patchouli and vetiver are exceptionally dry and harsh to the nose. I say this as someone who loves dry scents, and generally likes patch and vetiver too. Combined with the Royal Amber base accord, this scent is uncompromisingly difficult and strong. If you like Sahara-dry, slightly masculine patch, you might like this, but obviously Sekhmet Amber is the superior patch in this line and I recommend you buy that first and test HPA before buying.

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