Pakhet Amber

Brand: Nocturne Alchemy

Scent Description: Pakhet Amber is a perfume created from Amber Resin transformed over time in the Studio into a beautiful enhancing Royal Amber oil experience, Amber Resin imported from Alexandria and lit from the truest essential oil of Rare and Exotic Guiacwood and Crystal Benzoin and Crystal Frankincense. Using the base of the Amber described above the resin has been turned into a fossilized perfume resin from ancient recipes and then turned back into perfume oil diluting nothing only the use of Alchemy and inspiring this scent to be made and created for the Goddess Pakhet. Warrior, protector and huntress. Pakhet Amber infuses rare spices of Blue Peppercorn, White Clove Bud, Virgin Nutmeg Shaving over the warmth of Ambers from Nepal and Egypt and sifted through Sapphire (Amber Musk) to create a spiced amber that changes over time on the skin.

Released: Royal Amber

1 thought on “Pakhet Amber”

  1. Wet and in the bottle the most prominent notes are the pepper, clove and nutmeg which morph in strength, at first the pepper is strongest then the nutmeg comes forward, the clove is always present, supporting the other two. The Royal Amber base is moderately sharp and Frankincense forward with only a slight sweetness from the Benzoin. The musk isn’t very noticeable at all. Definitely one for spicy amber fans and would layer beautifully with a sweeter amber to add depth.

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