Prince Amber

Brand: Nocturne Alchemy

Scent Description: It is said the Prince (and future King) Tut Ankh Amun cared very much for the pure form of Spikenard. A soft and heady aromatic rhizome root scent found in unguent jars within the tomb of Tut Ankh Amun. It is the scent that blends easily into the beauty of Amber and creates a feeling of being returned to the 18th Dynasty and the boy King is now a little older and his scent is the scent of the Ancients and only a scent a Royal could understand. In the scent of the Prince Spikenard Absolute relishes an aromatic place for a throne and an autonomous Egypt.

Released: Royal Amber

3 thoughts on “Prince Amber”

  1. This amber is a love letter to Spikenard, not just it’s rich, heady (what people call stinky but is just divinely dark and exotic and earthy but NOT like cheese!) facet but also it’s papyrus like rhizome side. It’s like walking among the reeds of the Nile and pulling up a whole spikenard plant to sniff it’s fresh, earthy but still sweet rootlets, it’s truly an amazing work of art. As it fades the sweetness of Benzoin and Myrrh emerge and it’s just such a happy pale golden type of scent. The scent of a happy young Prince playing in the reeds unburdened by his kingship.

  2. Having never smelled spikenard before, this one was overwhelming to me. It smells like a really stinky fancy cheese, and there is definitely a richness and complexity to it. I would not recommend this if you are new to perfumes and just sampling, or if you don’t want to smell like an expensive cheese.

  3. Rich, stinky spikenard! In the best way possible. You do have to like spikenard to appreciate this. The RA accord is bone dry, and the spikenard is musky and pungent. They are harmoniously blended here. The scent is warm, deeply resinous, and smells like it was taken straight out of a tomb. It almost reverberates, if that makes sense! It dries down a little sweeter but remains very royal and ancient smelling. Totally unisex.

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