Eternal Egypt Anniversary

Brand: Nocturne Alchemy

Scent Description: White Amber, Himalayan Fossilized Amber Oil, Red Egyptian Musk, Vanilla Amber Incense Resin, Crystal, Kobalt, Sandalwood-Amber Resin, Egyptian Oakmoss, Palo Santo Wood, Egyptian Amber, Vegan Ambergris (studio created), Amber Wood and Egyptian Musk Essential.

Released: Studio Limited Anniversary

1 thought on “Eternal Egypt Anniversary”

  1. Pleasant, but not what I was expecting given the notes. Like the original EE, it is mostly white amber, albeit with a more resinous base than the original. However, it does not really do much for me, as I feel like it lacks oomph. I think the white amber overwhelms the other notes. I give it 4 stars because it is quite nice and wearable- warm, fuzzy, and sweet- but it is not a show stopper or significantly better than the classic EE.

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