Ambre Ombre #2

Brand: Nocturne Alchemy

Scent Description: Perfume Attar of Rare Black Amber, Black Patchouli Amber, Black Frankincense and Black Myrrh. This perfume is rather viscous and will and has aged beautifully. A perfume to be collected and opened throughout the years to come.

Released: Studio Limited Ombre

1 thought on “Ambre Ombre #2”

  1. Unfortunately, AO was not great on me, a surprise given the hype. Amber is my favorite note, and I love NA ambers, but AO was somewhat mediocre on me and did not smell very well blended even after lots of aging.

    I pick up an overwhelmingly sharp frankincense note that nearly smothers the other notes. The underlying amber tones are not dry like Royal Amber but also not sweet or decadent. It is almost aquatic like white ambers can be. Kind of breezy and light. No major myrrh or patch to speak of. AO is the modern version of Shadow Amber, which I had as Shadow Amber Venom and it included Hessonite and Temple NA. It was incredibly heady and assertive, and I felt it was better balanced despite the strong notes. As it is, AO feels somewhat unpolished and it is an outlier next to NAVA’s other amazing amber accords. Others seem to love AO, but I just do not see it.

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