Brand: Nocturne Alchemy

Scent Description: A true scent of Patchouli 100% organic and pure. Imported from Alexandria as Patchouli leaves and root and created as Perfume here in our Studio. This perfume will only become richer, smokier and more poignant with aging. Truly a significant Patchouli for any perfume lover. Rich, smoky and viscous gold patchouli.

Released: Studio Limited Originals

2 thoughts on “Hessonite”

  1. a true deep complex patchouli to me. In their description it notes this will just get better with age, but I tend to think this already has some aged patchouli in it because it really has that almost syrupy complexity to it, still a bit herbal, but a really nice single note patchouli

  2. Hessonite is the best patchouli I have smelled. It is heady, earthy, true-to-life, and very potent. It has mild smoky nuances, but they are subtle and it leans sweet overall. Like a few other SLs, Hessonite’s shortfall is that I find it difficult to wear on its own and not “complete” enough to be a standalone scent. It is an excellent patch, very complex and multifaceted for a single note, but as a perfume, it is very simple and needs to be layered. Then again, I do not usually like scents that require layering. If you are into that, Hessonite will probably work for you.

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