Pink Quartz

Brand: Nocturne Alchemy

Scent Description: Pink Vanilla Blossom, Crystalline, Crimson Egyptian Musk, Bastet’s White Amber Absolute and a minimal drop of aged Oak

Released: Studio Limited Originals

1 thought on “Pink Quartz”

  1. Pink Quartz does smell very pink but a little different other “pink” smelling NAVAs like Pink Vanille and Eternal Ankh Pink. It is still quite sweet and bright like those two, but it falls a little flat on my skin because I amp musk. It ends up being completely floral musk and I get no Crystalline (vanilla) in there. It’s also much more perfume-y than other NAVAs and could pass as a semi-mainstream like scent. I’d recommend this to anyone who likes a grown-up but sweet and bright scent!

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