Brand: Nocturne Alchemy

Scent Description: This is the beautiful Sandalwood imported from Alexandria infused with all Egyptian components: coconut husk, golden amber accords, golden Sandalwood resin, deep fossilized amber, golden Himalayan Cedarwood, gold Patchouli and a teardrop of golden Frankincense.

Released: Studio Limited Originals

2 thoughts on “Santalum”

  1. This is a straight up scent dupe of Alkemia’s Arabesque. A little deeper and slightly more long lasting but doesn’t really read sandalwood to my nose. I grew up with mysore sandalwood all my life but I don’t pick up any coconut or woody notes at all, it’s a very light high scent like it’s almost outside my realm of perception like the way violet in a rainbow looks, or the swish of skirts out of the corner of your eye. On me it reads much more of frankincense which is disappointing because I was hoping this would be my HG Sandalwood fume.

  2. This is a nice sandalwood with a hint of cedarwood which gives it a nice sharpness to it, but the coconut husk gives just a hint of sweetness (just barely). It’s a pretty simple scent, but I imagine it would be nice for layering. I like wearing this when I don’t want anything heavy and I’m feeling sensitive to smells.

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