West Indian Vanilla

Brand: Nocturne Alchemy

Scent Description: Rich aspects of Vanilla Ice Cream essence, an ethereal French Vanilla Fleck, Vanilla Buttercream, beautiful on its own or layered with Crystalline, a touch of Kobalt, a little French Vanilla Pompona Schiede and French Vanilla Fleck.

Released: Studio Limited Originals

2 thoughts on “West Indian Vanilla”

  1. This was too sweet for me, I couldn’t even get to the skin test because the sugar was overpowering. I usually like gourmands but this was a little too strong! It might be perfect for someone who likes a sweet, saccharine, thick vanilla.

  2. Thick buttery gourmand vanilla with a pop of vanilla orchid. This one can be a little too much, but when used sparingly it is delicious.

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