Brand: Nocturne Alchemy

Scent Description: Solaris Sea Kelp, Star Oak Moss, White Clover, N:Sapphire, Vanilla of Solaris ring, Musk of N3, Amber from meteor shaving and Dirt elements from left over dead planet.

Released: Techno Bastet

1 thought on “Solaris”

  1. Solaris is strange and not quite pleasant. It is clearly aquatic with some peculiar green twangs in the background. A little synthetic, but that keeps with this line’s theming, which Solaris complements as a whole. I can definitely see it being extraterrestrial. It’s more artificial and abstract/experimental than I like aquatic perfumes to be, but it would be a nice room scent. Solaris could almost be used to scent a themed ride at Universal Studios or something. Not for me though.

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