Appalachian Autumn

Brand: Nui Cobalt

Scent Description: An homage to the Nature Spirits. Deer musk accord, campfire smoke, birch trees, angelica, ripe pears and rain. Wear to align your energy with that of the wilderness to invoke its many blessings. It’s particularly soothing and supportive through the changing of the seasons.

Released: Autumn 2019 Part II

1 thought on “Appalachian Autumn”

  1. Such a beautiful, lush, camping on a cold evening in New England kind of scent. I think this is really well blended.

    I did not get much pear or rain, which was a bit disappointing for me as the idea of pear plus rain is exciting for me. But I truly love this outsidey, cool weather, campfire scent.

    Longevity wise, it didnt last long on me but most perfumes don’t. I will be keeping this one close.

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