Bad Moon Rising

Brand: Nui Cobalt

Scent Description: A gentle protection blend to carry your through the tough times. Wild violets, Adirondack blueberries, star anise, blackcurrants preserved in maple sugar with clove and a touch of almond. Wear during inauspicious astrological events or bouts of plain “bad luck.” It has a talent for steering the winds of fortune in a more helpful direction.

Released: Autumn 2019 Part II

1 thought on “Bad Moon Rising”

  1. This smells to me like a herb shop, or like how natural food stores smelled in the 90’s and 2000’s. Herb plus alcohol. It is not a bad scent by any means, I find it quite comforting. I am going to keep it for those days when I just want something completely out of my comfort zone, as I tend to prefer florals and sweetness in my scents. I could not pick out any of the notes individually.

    I really like the context behind it, that’s it’s meant to shore you up for difficulties and provide protection. Sometimes we need that intention and scent is a great way to employ that.

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