Mourning Veil

Brand: Nui Cobalt

Scent Description: Somber elegance with a touch of mystery. Melancholy layers of black vanilla bean, white sandalwood, petrichor, tear-stained taffeta, suede gloves and a silk-lined mahogany coffin. Wear this gothic bouquet to soothe a weary heart and ease sadness. Add a drop or two to the bath when you need to release negative feelings and restore emotional equilibrium.

Released: Autumn 2019 Part II

1 thought on “Mourning Veil”

  1. Soft vanilla sandalwood with an edge of wood. The woodiness becomes more prominent as it dries down, feeling very elegant, though a little cold. (This is not the occasion to be happy.) I like it, but I am personally not a fan of woodier scents.

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