Achievement Unlocked

Brand: Nui Cobalt

Scent Description: A bold blend of Mahogany and Merlot with tart elderberry and a single long-stemmed rose. Wear this sumptuous scent to amplify your confidence and hone your skills. Anoint the tools of your trade to move you swiftly toward success.

Released: Gamers’ Collection

12 thoughts on “Achievement Unlocked”

  1. This review is for 🔴Argentine Tango🔴

    Notes: scarlet musk, palo santo, sandalwood, crimson Malbec, caramel, tobacco and black cherry.

    This is a good one yet I’m finding Argentine Tango very difficult to describe. This is very much a scent that is so much more than the sum of it’s parts. AT is extremely well blended and it’s hard for me to pick out the individual notes. I can definitely detect the notes of caramel, tobacco and the black cherry. This is on the sweet side but I really wouldn’t call this a gourmand per say because it’s so much more. AT has a scent profile that is reminding me of River Otter and Northern Cardinal. I get about 5 hours of wear on my skin before this pretty much disappears on my scent eating skin.

    This review is for 🔵Cancan🔵

    Notes: lavender lemon cupcakes, cognac, red satin, sugared absinthe and a wisp of fine tobacco.

    This was an unexpected surprise for me. I expected Cancan to be gourmand from the lavender lemon cupcakes in the description. Amazingly this wasn’t all that sweet and leans to the masculine on my skin. Personally, I’ll wear anything that strikes my fancy regardless of who it’s marketed towards. I know a lot of folks don’t care for it when scents are labeled “feminine” or “masculine” but it’s the best way I know of to describe a scent to others. Cancan actually reminds me of a cologne or after shave that my Dad used to wear in the 80’s and 90’s…I wish I could recall the name. Even though it’s not listed I swear that I can smell some kind of musk. Maybe it’s just the way the notes are are meshing with my skin chemistry? Whatever the cause, I’m a big fan. I get about 3 and a half hours of wear out of Cancan before I need to reapply.

    This review is for 🟠Belly Dance🟠

    Notes: blue lotus, spiced date preserves, Egyptian musk, benzoin, dark myrrh and marjoram infusion.

    I never would’ve thought that blue lotus and spiced date preserves would compliment each other but they do. Lotus can go soapy on me but the spiced date preserves along with the other notes keep it in check. Between the blue lotus and the Egyptian musk, Belly Dance still has an underlying edge that’s clean and soapy (at a tolerable level). This lasts around 3 hours on me and as the notes wear the dry down ends up smelling of blue lotus and Egyptian musk and nothing else. It’s alright but it’s not a favorite of mine. I have other lotus and Egyptian musk based scents that I prefer over Belly Dance. I’m not knocking this scent, I just have others with the same scent profile that I like better. If you’re a fan of blue lotus and or Egyptian musk then I think you’ll enjoy Belly Dance.

  2. This review is for 🟢Pish-Tosh🟢

    Notes: passion fruit tart…passion fruit, vanilla custard and a shortbread crust.

    This was a blind buy for me so I had zero expectations…I really didn’t think that I’d end up liking Pish-Tosh as much as I do. The passion fruit note in this perfume oil is to die for. It’s very much a true to life scent and not artificial at all on my skin. I was concerned that the vanilla custard would go to plastic with my skin chemistry but the tang of the passion fruit beats back that plastic smell. The shortbread crust adds a toasted sweetness (I’m smelling something like brown sugar) and the entire thing just works. I don’t have anything like this in my collection of perfume oils. If you’re on the hunt for a good passion fruit note, Pish-Tosh is where it’s at. This perfume actually reminds me of a key lime pie variation that I had some years back at a birthday celebration. Just substitute passion fruit in place of the key lime and bang, I’m back eating this glorious desert. This one just keeps growing on me. Ever since the pandemic began it seems I’ve been really into gourmand/desert type scents. This one is dead on the description on my skin. The passion fruit fades out somewhere between the 3 to 4 hour mark. At this point I get a few more hours of the vanilla custard dominated by the sweet shortbread crust.

  3. This review is for 💚Bryophilia: the love of moss.💚

    Notes: green suede, rainforest fern, teakwood, river stone, oakmoss and mahogany.

    Immediately after applying Bryophilia to my skin I’m assaulted by something sharp and almost fecal. I’m pretty sure it’s the green suede. Suede and leather notes can go haywire with my chemistry and now I’m nervous. After a few minutes the offensive smell disappears and I’m picking up on a beautiful greenness from the rainforest fern. In reference to how people describe perfume, I would say Bryophilia leans to the masculine side. I think it’s more unisex but I’ll wear/try out whatever scent tickles my fancy regardless of who it’s marketed towards. This is unisex in the way that I find Solstice Scents Gehenna or Monarch to be, minus the red musk notes. Bryophilia has that same woody kind of base. Where Monarch is coniferous, Bryophilia emits a unique greenness between the oakmoss and the rainforest fern. And I’m happy to find that I can hang with the green suede note. I’m glad I took a chance on this one. Teakwood is another note that can go screechy and overpower on my skin but it seems Forest has a gift for blending. The greenness in Bryophilia reminds me of Alkemia’s Absinthe and Laudanum in the Afternoon (minus the absinthe note). Keep in mind that none of the scents I mentioned in this review are identical. Bryophilia just has facets that remind me of some notes in these other scents. I don’t know if this is making sense to anybody but me. I think you would have to own or have tried the scents I’ve written about to get the comparisons. In the short n sweet, this is a green woody unisex scent that leans more to the masculine side.

  4. This review is for 🌥Nephophilia 2.0 (reformulation): the love of clouds⛅️

    Notes: cotton candy, ivory cashmere, silk tree blossoms, blush suede and steamed vanilla.

    Let me get right to the point, I came for the cotton candy note. After an epic skin chemistry fail with Moonalisa’s Cotton Candy Cupcakes I’ve been on the hunt for a nice cotton candy scent. Nephophilia 2.0 wears much more perfumed versus gourmand on my skin. The cotton candy note is there but it stays in the background as does the steamed vanilla. The blush suede isn’t kicking my ass the way the tawny suede in Ophidiphilia or the suede note in Ailurophilia but it’s definitely making itself known. The ivory cashmere and the silk tree blossoms seem to beat back the harshness of the blush suede. I would call this a like and not a love for me, although that may change when I revisit this perfume oil after some months of aging. It’s just shy of 10 hours since I applied Nephophilia 2.0 and it’s still going strong. I usually slather my perfume oils (my skin gobbles up scent) but I’d suggest starting off applying with a light hand and give it a bit of time before deciding to apply more. Nui Cobalt gives a generous sample vial and I applied about half of it on my first go around. It was too much and I hardly ever say that. Again, something was sticking in the back of my throat (blush suede note?) for about the first 3 hours of wear. Nephophilia 2.0 is impressing the hell out of me with it’s longevity, too bad it’s a “like” and not a “love” for me but things may change. Time will tell!

  5. This review is for 🐈Ailurophilia: the love of cats🐈

    Notes: Egyptian musk, tonka, dulce de leche, cashmere, suede, sandalwood and copal smoke.

    Once again the suede and my skin chemistry ruined this for me. It’s not as intense as it is in Ophidiphilia but I’m still amping the suede from the get go and throughout the 5 hours that it lasted on my skin. I have trouble with suede and leather scents across the board no matter the brand. I have a few perfume oils where those notes work but for the majority I amplify suede/leather and it takes over everything else. Such a shame as I think Forest is especially skilled in blending. Maybe things with Ailurophilia will improve with age. I’m curious to see what others say about Ailurophilia and wish I could’ve experienced the rest of the notes in this perfume oil.

  6. This review is for 🐍Ophidiphilia: the love of snakes🐍

    Notes: pink sandalwood, Saharan musk, copaiba balsam, Shea butter, dried fig, pale patchouli and soft tawny suede.

    Wow, it’s been around 11 hours since I applied Ophidiphilia and it’s still going strong. The suede in this particular blend is too much for me. I’ve been amping that suede note hardcore all day. The rest of the notes have blended into something magical but that damn suede is upstaging everything. Skin chemistry is such a strange thing. For the first several hours of wear the suede fluctuates between motor oil and leather. It’s not necessarily a bad thing if it wasn’t so prominent. It’s to the point that it’s irritating my throat. Ever have a scent or note catch in the back of your throat? I don’t know how else to describe it but I’ve been clearing my throat all day. Finally around the ninth hour the Shea butter succeeded in tempering the suede. I’m going to age this oil and revisit it in the future but for now that suede is just too much for me.

  7. This review is for 🍏Apple Picking🍏

    Notes: barely ripe apples, green leaves, rain soaked soil, wicker baskets and golden hay.

    *Let me start off by saying that I only let this bottle rest out of the mail for 2 days before I caved and tried it out on my skin. I think that this needs to rest a bit longer. So far, all of my Nui Cobalt oils have only gotten better as they age.*

    Immediately out of the bottle and on my skin I smell crisp green apple. It’s not too sweet and it’s not too tart. I’m having flashbacks to the White Rain Green Apple shampoo and conditioner that I used to rock back in the 90’s. If you’ve smelled it then you’ll know the exact apple scent that I’m talking about. All of a sudden the other notes are doing their best to break through and I smell like rotten apples. Ugh, what’s going on? I’m hoping AP is just angry from the trip through the mail and with a bit more resting things will change for the better. I’m fighting the urge to scrub this off my skin but I usually try and muddle through testing scents unless I have a skin reaction. It takes a good 30 minutes of morphing (green apples to rotten apples to damp hay) before this settles into a lovely green apple forward scent with the accompanying notes lending an atmospheric edge to it all. I was sweating there for a minute on my blind buy but I’m pleased with the end result of this. I find that most apple notes have some kind of irritant in them that sticks in the back of my throat. I think the accompanying notes do a great job of balancing out the apple so it’s not too bracing. I can’t get more than 4 hours of wear on my skin from this perfume oil before it disappears completely. Apple Picking is a fresh, green atmospheric apple scent 🍏 that will hopefully only get better with age!

  8. This review is for ▪️Siamese Cat▪️

    (notes: strong black tea, tobacco flower, fuzzy peach skin, mimosa blossom and blush suede)

    Something in this blend comes across very animalic on my skin and I’m NOT a fan of this. I wonder if it’s the blush suede? Sometimes teas can come across very sharp and tonic but I don’t think that’s the culprit in Siamese Cat. I can’t claim to know what a mimosa blossom smells like, I’ve only had the cocktail myself. I’m happy once the stank is gone but it’s a long journey to get there, a few hours. The end result is a lovely peach tinged fragrance. Kind of clean yet floral yet peachy all at the same time. I’m going to age my bottle and come back to this. I find NC oils really tend to grow on me with some aging. SC doesn’t reach a fragrance that I’m happy with until about the 4 hour mark. Fingers crossed this will change.

    1. Siamese Cat has changed for the better with some aging. That sharp animalic note is still there but it’s much more subdued. I still think it’s the blush suede note that’s not agreeing with my skin chemistry but, minus one offender, the rest of the notes mesh into a beautiful smell. I’ve found that some perfume oils brands (Firebird, Hexennacht) don’t change much over time and others (Possets, Solstice Scents) seem to get better with resting and or aging. Nui Cobalt perfume oils REALLY do improve with age. In general I recommend aging a perfume oil before completely writing it off. I’ve changed my mind on numerous occasions revisiting oils after some aging.

  9. This review is for ▪️Hekate Deichteira▪️

    (notes: laurel, olive leaves, sage, rosemary, acacia wood, white lotus, moonflower, deep purple heliotrope, claret and black fig)

    This one is hard to describe. I get the sage and hints of rosemary right away and some camphorated note that bites. At the same time I think the floral notes help to soften things up and take the sting out of the bite in HD. Besides the sage and rosemary, I can’t pick anything out. HD can be worn year round, it doesn’t really fit in to any particular season. I would never think to put all of these notes together. This wears very sage forward on me but it never veers into the medicinal. HD is hard to explain. It’s one of those scents I think you just need to experience and make your own decision. At 5 hours this has faded some but it’s still quite detectable when I put my nose to my inner elbow. NC perfume oils tend to have above average longevity on me. I think I’ll try this in my diffuser and see what pops.

    1. This review is for ▪️Hekate Enodia▪️

      (notes: incense of copal and myrrh, clove bud, star anise, tobacco, bitter almond, rosemary, Bosc pear, tonka bean and freshly turned earth)

      Oh wow this starts out reminding me of the cloves/bidis I stupidly smoked in the 90’s. Gah, that smell takes me back! As this wears on my skin the incense develops and now it’s reminding me of Sen Sen’s. All of the women in my family were nuts for these little brown breath freshening squares. They were strong just like this oil is strong. I slathered (because it’s what I do) and my eyes are a bit watery from this wafting up from my décolletage. This passes after awhile and the rosemary in this blend is giving it a distinct herbal edge. I’m also getting church incense vibes from this once it settles down on me. I’m a fan of every single stage of this beautiful perfume oil. There’s nothing sweet in HE and it leans towards the masculine side but I feel like either a man or woman could wear this. I get a good 4+ hours out of this before it fades considerably on my scent eating skin.

      1. I grabbed a random bottle today, Hekate Enodia (I couldn’t recall the notes) and I slathered it on. I smell like a Ricola cough drop with an incensey background. Is incensey a word or am I making it up? This is not a good one for warmer weather in my opinion. I could work with this in the fall. This will layer well with a lot of other perfume oils in my collection. From beginning to end, there is definitely a strong note of (unlit) tobacco. My skin amps tobacco and that’s happening with HE. When I get a chance to actually read what the notes are, I definitely get the tobacco, clove bud and star anise. I think the rosemary and the pear are meshing with the first three notes I just mentioned and the end result is…Ricola! Great, that’s all I can think about now. Once my brain makes that scent memory connection, it’s on a continual loop as long as I’m smelling HE. That smell + warm weather = no bueno on my skin. This will be better in the cooler weather. I see awesome layering potential with this.

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