Achievement Unlocked

Brand: Nui Cobalt

Scent Description: A bold blend of Mahogany and Merlot with tart elderberry and a single long-stemmed rose. Wear this sumptuous scent to amplify your confidence and hone your skills. Anoint the tools of your trade to move you swiftly toward success.

Released: Gamers’ Collection

3 thoughts on “Achievement Unlocked”

  1. This review is for ▪️Siamese Cat▪️

    (notes: strong black tea, tobacco flower, fuzzy peach skin, mimosa blossom and blush suede)

    Something in this blend comes across very animalic on my skin and I’m NOT a fan of this. I wonder if it’s the blush suede? Sometimes teas can come across very sharp and tonic but I don’t think that’s the culprit in Siamese Cat. I can’t claim to know what a mimosa blossom smells like, I’ve only had the cocktail myself. I’m happy once the stank is gone but it’s a long journey to get there, a few hours. The end result is a lovely peach tinged fragrance. Kind of clean yet floral yet peachy all at the same time. I’m going to age my bottle and come back to this. I find NC oils really tend to grow on me with some aging. SC doesn’t reach a fragrance that I’m happy with until about the 4 hour mark. Fingers crossed this will change.

  2. This review is for ▪️Hekate Deichteira▪️

    (notes: laurel, olive leaves, sage, rosemary, acacia wood, white lotus, moonflower, deep purple heliotrope, claret and black fig)

    This one is hard to describe. I get the sage and hints of rosemary right away and some camphorated note that bites. At the same time I think the floral notes help to soften things up and take the sting out of the bite in HD. Besides the sage and rosemary, I can’t pick anything out. HD can be worn year round, it doesn’t really fit in to any particular season. I would never think to put all of these notes together. This wears very sage forward on me but it never veers into the medicinal. HD is hard to explain. It’s one of those scents I think you just need to experience and make your own decision. At 5 hours this has faded some but it’s still quite detectable when I put my nose to my inner elbow. NC perfume oils tend to have above average longevity on me. I think I’ll try this in my diffuser and see what pops.

    1. This review is for ▪️Hekate Enodia▪️

      (notes: incense of copal and myrrh, clove bud, star anise, tobacco, bitter almond, rosemary, Bosc pear, tonka bean and freshly turned earth)

      Oh wow this starts out reminding me of the cloves/bidis I stupidly smoked in the 90’s. Gah, that smell takes me back! As this wears on my skin the incense develops and now it’s reminding me of Sen Sen’s. All of the women in my family were nuts for these little brown breath freshening squares. They were strong just like this oil is strong. I slathered (because it’s what I do) and my eyes are a bit watery from this wafting up from my décolletage. This passes after awhile and the rosemary in this blend is giving it a distinct herbal edge. I’m also getting church incense vibes from this once it settles down on me. I’m a fan of every single stage of this beautiful perfume oil. There’s nothing sweet in HE and it leans towards the masculine side but I feel like either a man or woman could wear this. I get a good 4+ hours out of this before it fades considerably on my scent eating skin.

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