Charisma Bonus

Brand: Nui Cobalt

Scent Description: A seriously sexy fragrance to ensnare the objects of your desire. Spiced black patchouli languishing in vanilla honey with scattered ylang petals and catnip leaves. Wear this potion to make an excellent first impression, to capture the attention of influential people, or to inspire passion during amorous encounters.

Released: Gamers’ Collection

3 thoughts on “Charisma Bonus”

  1. I’m gonna rest my bottle for awhile before I make a final judgement. I’m not getting much in the way of patchouli and I’m getting zero of the vanilla honey. This is an aggressively spicy blend on me. Nothing in this leans to the sweet or gourmand on my skin, it’s all spice. I’m not sure if it’s the spices of the patchouli, the ylang petals, the catnip leaves or a combination of the three. Something in this reminds me of the spices in bay rum minus the alcohol. I ended up adding some sweetness into this by layering it with HoG’s Birthday Cake. It helped to mellow the extreme spice with something sweet. I was hoping the vanilla honey would’ve done the trick but it never showed up on my skin. I’m hoping by putting this one to bed for awhile will help to develop the notes. Some perfume oils get better with age and I’m hoping this one will. As for now, I’m still on the hunt for a good honeyed patchouli scent. Right now, this one is all masculine spice on me. Something in this oil makes my skin tingle and I have no idea what it could be. I don’t get any redness the way I do immediately with cinnamon oil but, it’s a fairly strong sensation and I’m a little worried this is my body trying to tell me I’m going to have a reaction. Right now, as is, this oil isn’t really working for me. Fingers crossed resting helps.

    1. So I’ve let this bad boy rest for around a month since I’ve had it in hopes of things improving. On the initial application I smell something somewhat minty for a few minutes. Could it be the catnip? I’ve only ever smelled the dried leaf out of a catnip toy and it reminded me of some kind of generic teabag, not much of a smell. Is ylang the same as ylang ylang or are they different plants? Ylang ylang oils that I’ve had have all been floral and I get zero floral notes from this. Once that mint smell disappears I can finally smell the vanilla, resting has helped it to develop. Unfortunately I’m getting this unwelcome powdery note that does not belong, in fact it’s ruining the blend for me. I hope this isn’t the honey going to powder. I don’t have too much experience with honey notes but I’ve read other reviews saying that honey goes to powder on their skin. This smells kind of like the way certain ambers like to go to powder (and ruin things) on my skin. Ugh, I’m not enjoying this stage at all! It does eventually fade out and I’m left with a vanilla forward mellow patchouli (this is a smooth non screechy patch muted by spices) with something else that I can’t identify lurking in the background. Maybe the catnip, ylang or a combination of both but I’m still not getting any honey. Serves me right for blind buying a FS bottle but they had me at black spiced patchouli and vanilla honey. Well back to bed this goes and I’ll revisit this yet again to see if anything else improves.

      1. It’s been about a year since I initially purchased a bottle of Charisma Bonus. It’s changed yet again and strangely it’s really grown on me. Now CB smells of some kind of dried tea and spices. I wonder if there’s a tiny bit of cinnamon in here as my skin’s turning red and tingly. Luckily that tingle doesn’t get painful and the redness fades in an hour. Because of that, it’s doubtful I’ll repurchase CB as I suspect the spiced patchouli contains cinnamon. I do enjoy the final dry down in this now. It’s predominantly spice with a mellow sweetness to it. That sweetness isn’t really registering as honeyed or vanillic, just sweet. Lol, I haven’t been around any cats while wearing this but I wonder if they’d smell the catnip on me? This scent is hard to describe. It’s spiced dried tea leaves (the catnip?) with a liquid sugar smell, not vanilla honey. That annoying powder note (has to be the honey) does pop in for a bit but it eventually vanishes and I dig the final result. CB didn’t turn out at all like I thought it would. Is it skin chemistry? Is there a specific note that doesn’t agree with me? I don’t know…what I do know is I can’t stop smelling my wrists once CB settles on my skin. I guess I’m drawn to it because I don’t have anything quite like it.

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