Brand: Nui Cobalt

Scent Description: A sumptuous scent to help you keep your cool when people try to pull the wool over your eyes. A traditional Arctic Roll: vanilla bean ice cream wrapped in a blanket of yellow sponge cake and a layer of vibrant red raspberry jam.

Released: April Fools

2 thoughts on “Horsefeathers”

  1. Hmmm this is the 2021 version and I think it needs quite a bit of resting. On my skin I immediately get the same raspberry note as Hexennxacht’s Sufganiyot. The raspberry doesn’t go to plastic like so many berry notes tend todo on my skin. It’s more of a syrupy sweet gourmand note as opposed to a fresh raspberry smell. However, there’s something indolic lurking underneath and frankly it stinks. This needs to change with age because I’m NOT a fan of the way this is smelling on me right now. So right now the order of how it wears is raspberry to raspberry with a lurking persistent stank to a soft almost artificial raspberry note that wears close to the skin at the 4 hour mark. No vanilla bean ice cream or yellow sponge cake notes ever appeared throughout the perfume oils wear time on me. For that matter I didn’t even detect either from sniffing the vial. I’d already rested this for some weeks before cracking it open but I’m hoping it’ll get better with age. If not, this is a big hell no due to that indolic fecal smell.

  2. This is really nice. It smells like a soft, moist cake with a heavy drizzle of raspberry on top.

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