Brand: Nui Cobalt

Scent Description: An uplifting scent to keep you impervious to deception and shielded from malice. Pineapple Upside Down Cake: a delicious juxtaposition of tang and sweetness, caramelized pineapple, coconut cream, toasted hazelnut crust and baked brown sugar.

Released: April Fools

4 thoughts on “Humbuggery”

  1. Something in Humbuggery goes almost sour on my skin when first applied. I think maybe it’s the pineapple. Could it be how I’m interpreting the “tang” of the description? The coconut cream is doing it’s usual thing with my chemistry and going to burnt plastic. The tang of the pineapple is tamping down the plastic of the coconut cream so I’m happy that sourness is there. The baked brown sugar (which I amp) and hazelnut crust also help to hide the mess that my skin chemistry is making of Humbuggery. It’s not my usual jam but it is growing on me all the same. I’m using this Tree Hut Pineapple scrub and I’ve been after a good pineapple perfume oil. So far the ones I’ve tried have all been too linear and sweet. Humbuggery is definitely different from the rest. Humbuggery doesn’t remind me at all of the pineapple upside down cake that I grew up with. It never had anything coconut in it that I can recall. It could be the proper cake calls for a coconut addition but our family recipe doesn’t. This is growing on me the more I use it but it’s not the pineapple scent of my dreams. I’m going to try layering this, it has really good potential. The first thing that comes to mind is layering with Firebird’s Vanilla Sea Salt perfume oil.

    1. I came into another vial of Humbuggery and had the same results as above. I get the same sour pineapple note in Mahalo and Menehune. It’s probably a skin chemistry thing but it’s very distinct. Out of the 3, I’ve had the most luck with Humbuggery. The coconut note goes plasticky and ruins it all for me. It’s not really pleasant to me until it’s all but gone on my skin. I have yet to find a pineapple scent that I like. On me, the pineapple opening was sour. Once that calmed down, the coconut cream went plasticky and didn’t let up until it was just about gone from my skin. Out of the 4ish hours it lasted, I enjoyed the final hour of wear. It smells good on my bedding and lasted much longer so there’s that.
      **reviewed Mahalo and listed it under Menehune if anyone wants to look at the notes**

  2. Immediately applied, this is very tropical, fruity, and sweet. A few minutes after it dried, there was a dirty smell that reminded me of sweaty dogs after a long run. That goes away after an hour or two, leaving a toasted sugary crust and an even mix of the pineapple and coconut. It was hard to separate the two.

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