Brand: Nui Cobalt

Scent Description: An attuning blend to bring energies into harmonious balance with Nature and All that Is. Ancient woods, verdant mosses, river stones, smoldering firewood and deep red dragon’s blood.

Released: Cobalt Druid Continuous Collection

1 thought on “Druid”

  1. I let it rest overnight after bringing it in yesterday afternoon. It’s fairly weak with maybe a foot of throw (I don’t really smell it much until my nose is about 6 inches from my wrist). I’m really just getting sweet patchouli and a touch of cheap powdery headshop incense that doesn’t read like other dragon’s blood notes I’ve liked. I don’t pick up the moss, stone, or firewood at all. And that patchouli note is setting off my asthma just a bit.

    Womp womp. This is one I was hoping would replace Valhalla – Viktory. An old review I did of that one: “I get the dragon’s blood right up front, sweet and resinous and a little bit smoky. The background is forest and tree sap and a hint of woodsmoke.”

    When I say the dragon’s blood is resinous I mean it reminds me of somewhere between a good amber note and actual tree sap and something almost citrusy or reminiscent of juniper? I feel like I’m not making any sense, but Viktory also has a ton of throw on me and smells a faaar cry from Druid.

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