Brand: Nui Cobalt

Scent Description: Intimacy in a bottle. A blend to enhance your natural magnetism and power to forge passionate connections. The softest sugared rose dances with resplendent vanilla in flickering candlelight.

Released: Cobalt Druid Continuous Collection

3 thoughts on “Love”

  1. This is one of the worst perfumes I have tried so far. Smelled, on my skin, like rotting roses and chokingly heavy powder.

  2. I got a sample vial of this from a swap on Reddit, let it rest for five days, and then dabbed some on this morning. I don’t know if the vial had gone bad or if this is just the way it smells, but it was hands down the worst perfume I’ve smelled in my life. It smells like rotting roses and chokingly heavy powder.

  3. This is a nice rose scent, not very unexpected but quite good at what it’s doing. The rose is a strong, sweet, slightly jammy rose that calls to mind Lush’s Rose Jam. The vanilla only increases that similarity. Beneath it all is a sort of spice, like nutmeg or cardamom that might be the “flickering candlelight” in the description.

    It goes well layered with citrus.

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