Brand: Nui Cobalt

Scent Description: Gentle spirit of the cloud-covered peaks, clad in white cloth and crowned with tranquility. We honor you with cool coconut water, rice pudding, clean cotton, and mountain air.

Released: Cobalt Druid Continuous Collection

3 thoughts on “Obatala”

  1. On my skin this begins as a clean, slightly aquatic, non descriptive white floral smell that immediately kicks up my allergies. This may be the first time ever that a scent containing coconut (coconut water from the description) didn’t go to plastic on my skin. I can’t say that I ever get the interpretation of rice pudding on me. I figured Obatala would’ve leaned to the gourmand but not at all. I seem to be amping something “clean” in this blend. The final stage of this is freshly laundered white cotton sheets…well that’s how my nose intemperate it anyway. I’d be a bigger fan of this if it didn’t kick up my allergies in the form of repetitive sneezing and watery eyes. A lot of “clean” and “laundry” scents seem to aggravate my allergies something awful.

    1. When I used this in my diffuser, there was a sweetness present that wasn’t detectable on my skin. I’m guessing this is the rice pudding element to this blend. It’s crazy how different a scent can smell diffused versus on the skin. Does anyone else do this with scents that don’t work on their skin?

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