Grey Squirrel

Brand: Nui Cobalt

Scent Description: A playful blend of almond and spiced apricot, grounded in rich benzoin and copaiba balsam, softened with cotton flower, cashmere, and teakwood.

Released: Critters 2019

1 thought on “Grey Squirrel”

  1. Oooh this is nice. On my skin Grey Squirrel is a much cleaner scent than I thought it would be. I think it’s predominantly the cotton flower note and maybe the cashmere that does this to me. It’s not spicy at all. I can smell the almond and the apricot right away but they quickly morph to the background as the cashmere and cotton flower take center stage. Teakwood usually amps on me but I don’t have that problem with Grey Squirrel. This didn’t end up smelling at all like I thought it would but I like it all the same. I grabbed this on a whim and I’m happy that I did. It’s a little bit clean, a little bit fruity and a little bit floral all at the same time. I think this is a good year round, any occasion, office appropriate scent. A little goes a long way on me and that’s impressive. The fruit aspect of this makes for a lovely warm weather scent too. Still going strong at 6+ hours in the bends of my elbows. It lingers on my sheets and clothes into the next day. I’m a big fan of the blending skills of Forest.

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