Mourning Dove

Brand: Nui Cobalt

Scent Description: A gentle blend to instill calm and tranquility.
Juicy Bosc pears poached in mulled wine and drizzled with honey with a gentle breeze of forget-me-not and Casablanca lily. Wear in times of stress and anxiety to restore emotional balance.

Released: Critters 2019

1 thought on “Mourning Dove”

  1. Mourning Dove has a beautiful poached pear note. It’s the first thing I smell when I apply this to my skin. Wine notes tend to go to vinaigrette on me but the mulled wine in this is very mellow. I think the honey helps to keep it in check. I usually amp lily and Mourning Dove is no exception. That Casablanca lily note is beautiful but it’s taking over and cancelling out that delicious pear note. I was thinking that this would be much more gourmand but I would definitely call this a floral perfume oil…at least how it wears on me anyway. MD lasts around 4 hours on me before disappearing. I wish the lily wasn’t so cloying on me. It’s a beautiful true to life smell but it’s just too much. At the same time, I’m impressed that this floral perfume oil doesn’t kick up my allergies. Forest keeps on surprising me with her scent creations. I read her descriptions and I think I know how something will smell but then I try it and It’s something else entirely. If you’re into florals try NC’s Queen Bee (gardenia and whipped honey, simple but so good) and Robin’s Egg (a lovely blueberry tinged floral, sadly it kicks up my allergies).

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