Feu Follet

Brand: Nui Cobalt

Scent Description: The Cajun version of Will o’ the Wisp, a luminous inhabitant of swamps and marshlands who’s said to lure travellers to a watery grave. Sultry southern magnolia, wild muscadine, honeysuckle, and Spanish moss clinging to the trees.

Released: Fae Folk, Nymphs, and Otherworldly Beings

2 thoughts on “Feu Follet”

  1. Out of the vial I get a strong hit of grapes. It’s very concentrated smelling, like kids’ juice or something. Magically the grapes drop back on my skin though, making way for the magnolia which is the star of the show. It’s beautiful true magnolia with honeysuckle all around the edges, and a greenish sweetness backing it all up. It’s sultry and Southern and sweet and very very pretty. I’m not generally a florals person, but this is so pretty and fresh and organic smelling so I kind of love it anyway. Surprisingly good throw, too. At the end of the day Feu Follet is probably not something I’d wear myself, but it’s beautifully executed.

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